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Savitri and Murali bring to the forefront the role of their music in the context of dance and its interplay.

They have accompanied Swati in all their productions.

Having covered over 60 venues per year, the orchestra is an integral part of Swati's productions.

It consists of:

Savitri Ramanand - an acclaimed soloist of choreographer of South Indian Classical music.

Aarti Ramanand - cymbals and solukattu (the rapid spoken syllables accompanying dance movements).

Murali Balachandran - dedicated and virtuous mrdangam player (percussions).

This dynamic ensemble has been the core aspect of musical presentation with the varied programs.

Having performed together with Swati for the past 12 years in the NY tri state area and outside they work as an excellent team which is apparent from their well synced flawless presentations.