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What is Bhharatantyam?
Bharatanatyam as an Education
Aspects of Dance
The Tradition
Recent Work

Montessori schools (K-12)
Leading universities
Major museums along the eastern seaboard
Delaware Institute for Arts and Education (DIAE) for the Handicapped
National Educator Workshops for the Lincoln Center Institute
which is the educational cornerstone for the Lincoln Center performing arts
Public schools and high schools
Inner city schools
(Swati works with students allowing them to reflect question and research
through the Dance supporting other areas of learning.
Eg: Art, music, painting, and sculpture
This helps to build critical thinking and to stimulate perceptual
abilities of youngsters. She has worked with teachers, teaching artists,
and schools administrators.)


Other experiences:
Acted in a T.V. Serial “Mahanagar” with Shekhar Kapoor and Sriram Lagoo
TV Host – IBN
Presenter of the premier New York performance Tumhari Amrita with Feroz Khan and Shabana Aazmi
Delegate for the United Nations 40th anniversary performance
Representative of the Indian Consulate to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to American universities for arts and education
Lincoln Center Repertory Artist
Vrindavan – Performed for Janmashtami on the banks of the river Yamuna
Indus Women Leaders (IWL) Key note speaker for Women’s empowerment
Performed for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) in Maryland