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Indian Express:
Swati excels
"Her stage movements are characterized by grace and poise with a certain refined effect that adds charm to the various poses she strikes on stage."

Sruti 2003
by Leela Venkataraman
"Swati is a credit to her guru, Sonal Mansingh. She dances with the ease and command of a seasoned performer. Her presentation of Dari Joochu was a very mature presentation."
New York Attitude "Swati excels at Abhinaya. Her role as educator came forth as she gave oral introductions along with her well presented concert. Her introductions to the dance were an art in itself and she is a master of it. Her miming was both subtle and clear, with a very full array of gestures and changing facial expressions."

The Patriot 1985
by Dr. Sunil Kothari
"Swati represents the young generation who performs regularly in universities and schools in the U.S. and makes regular visits to India to keep in touch with traditional arts. She had the honor to perform for the 40th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly. Bravo Swati."

Bombayman's Diary
"Her sensitive handling of delicate Hastas, her aesthetic interpretation, rhythmic patterns and expressive movements mark her as a performer who is capable of rendering and exciting and intoxicating Cornucopia of this ancient Indian art form."
Times of India, Mumbai
by A. Subramanium
"Swati Gupte Bhise is a dancer who has obviously attained mastery over her form and an undoubted emotional restraint in her Abhinaya. For a change, grace was not confused with loose-limbed self-indulgence, and Swatiís unflagging kinetic verve and exuberance, tempered by an unerring sense of rhythm was clearly in evidence."
The Sunday Statesman, Delhi
Swati displays compelling stage presence
"Swati is among the very few dancers gifted with a compelling stage presence as if in the manner born. Her adavus were etched resembling sculptures and her sense of Abhinaya commendable."
Times of India
by S.V. Vasudeva
"Swati like her mentor, Sonal Mansingh, under whom she has been trained excelled in delineating and ëAshtapadií from Jayadevaís Gita Govind and it is from the rendering of this number that one can assertively say that Swati holds out great expectations and immense potentialities."
Sruti 2002- India’s premier music and Dance magazine
By Leela Venkataraman
Swati gave a mature presentation of the padam Darijoochuchunnadi in Sankarabharanam, a composition of Sabhapati Iyer. Swati dances with the ease and command of a seasoned performer.
Attitude June 2002-20th anniversary issue
Swati G Bhise excels at Abhinaya. Her introductions are an art in themselves and she is a master of it. Her role as an educator came forth with the opening lecture (performed at the Lincoln Center, Clarke theatre).
The Pioneer-Shani (New Delhi)
The dancer has imbibed a wonderful sense of stage craft from Guru Sonal Mansingh. The abhinaya pieces were evocatively portrayed. The dancer presented in a virile way old hastas from the Bharatanatyam of an earlier era which were riveting.
Times of India (Mumbai)
Swati’s repertoire had not only fresh items but was woven into dexterous rhythmic patterns holding attention of the connoisseur. Her capacity for imagery created the mood of bhakti (devotion) which permeated all evening.