What is Bhharatantyam?
Bharatanatyam as an Education
Aspects of Dance
Recent Work
Tradition: The Guru - Shishya - Parampara

What do I try to achieve when Teaching?

  1. To stimulate the students' creativity
  2. To expand their limits and capacity
  3. To let them perceive the ever changing horizon
  4. To challenge their inner being
  5. To instill discipline
  6. To give them pride in their achievments, a respect for and understanding of the heritage, the importance
    patience in achieving a goal. Self confidence and an appreciation of their physical form.

Young students have the opportunity to interact and learn hands-on from the legendary artists.

Three Generations: Guru Sonal Mansingh (center)with her first disciple Swati Bhise. Seated: Swati Bhise's student (the tradition continues).



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